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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CAB?
    The Campus Activities Board is a student organization comprised of 10 executive chairs and 11 assistant chairs who work together to plan events for every student on campus. We want to cater to as many interests as possible which is why we have large scale events like Glow Party and CABsino, small scale events like apple picking or glassblowing, and anything in between.
  • How do I find out about events?
    You came to the right place! You can find the most recent upcoming events on the EVENT tab at the top of this website. You can also follow us on any of our social media sites which always provides updates and sends out reminders for upcoming events (which you can find at the bottom of this website). In case you still feel out of the loop, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter which offers all of the information for upcoming events as well as photos, videos, and re cap's of past events!
  • Where do events take place?
    CAB events take place all over! Events during common hour are usually in the Student Center Atrium, but Viking Ventures events take place off campus all over the Cleveland area. In warmer weather you can find us in the Student Center Plaza or the Music Building Lawn. Nighttime events have taken place in the Student Center Ballroom, Main Classroom Auditorium, or Fenn Tower Ballroom. Mixing it up makes it more interesting! If you do not know where the buildings are or what the shortened name means, check out this campus map!
  • Are CAB events free?
    Yes, most CAB events are free with your CSU ID. Viking Ventures events are the only events that cost a (largely discounted) amount because they happen off campus. Some events even allow non-csu guests for a fee of $5, which is always indicated in the event information.
  • Can I bring a guest that doesn't go to CSU?
    Some events allow 1 guest per student ID for $5, and some even allow you to bring 2 guests! It really depends on each individual event. The marketing materials for events will always indicate if guests are allowed. If it does not mention guests, then they are not permitted. (You can also check out the event descriptions on this website to find that answer)
  • How can I get involved?
    If you would like to volunteer at any events, you can email our VP of membership at about which events you are interested in, and we will connect you with the event chair! Applications for the board will open in the spring for Executive Chairs, and in the fall for Assistant Chairs. Look out for those openings on our social media or newsletter!
  • What are the different executive chairs/committees?
    Each chair is responsible for a different aspect of CAB. We have chairs that help run the organization such as President, Vice President, Marketing, and Graphic Design. The 5 other chairs are responsible for event planning. These chairs are known as: - Campus Traditions: Plans the largest events that happen on campus like CABsino and Glow Party. These events are known to be the CAB traditions that happen every year. - After Dark: Plans events that happen at night and are catered more toward on campus residents looking for a way to have fun and relax on week nights. - Pride & Spirit: Plans events that focus on CSU athletics and spirit. This chair is also responsible for Homecoming Week. - Diversity: Focuses on celebrating the culture and diversity on campus through arts, performances, and activities! - Viking Ventures: Takes students off campus on the weekends to explore Cleveland! These are smaller group events catered to students with specific interests, and typically cost $5-$15. Past events have included Apple picking, glassblowing, bicycling tours, and Tobogganing.
  • How can I give CAB feedback?
    Your feedback is extremely important to us! You can fill out our evaluation survey on Vikes Connect to tell us about past events you have attended, give your event suggestions, or tell us if we’re doing a good job!
  • Can I visit the CAB office?
    Of course! You can find us on the third floor of the student center in SC 332. Stop by to find out more about CAB, grab the latest event hotcards, and find out what we’re doing behind those glass doors.
  • What if I still have a question?
    You still have more burning questions that we didn't cover? No worries! Email us at for any more questions or concerns we did not answer!
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