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2024/25 Executive Board Applications

CAB is hiring for the 2024/25 academic year! Open positions, scholarship information, and requirements are detailed below

Questions? Contact Allie Winz at

Executive Board Positions

Below is a list of the positions CAB is hiring for next academic year and a short description. Hyperlinked is the chair contract from this year that outlines the responsibilities of the role. Please note these are examples of this years' contracts and may subject to change, but they give a close reflection of the job responsibilities.


VP of Membership: This position works mainly with our assistant chairs, plans bonding events for the board and is our "campus outreach" to promote strong relationships with students and organizations on campus.

VP of Finance: This position works to keep our budgets in order, maintains inventory of the office and  attends GFAC meetings to propose our budget for the upcoming academic year.

Marketing: This position manages all our social media and public relations. This chair shares information about events on social media and works to create creative and engaging content.

Graphic Design: This position is in charge of making all graphic designs for each of our events including calendars, posters, hotcards (fliers), giveaways, signage and much more.

Campus Traditions: This position is in charge of planning and executing all annual events such as CABsino and Glow Party.

Diversity: This position works to create diverse and inclusive programing to engage different groups on campus. Examples of events include Holi Color Festival, Black History Month, Ramadan, Pride Week etc.

Pride & Spirit: This position is in charge of planning events to bring spirit to the campus community. Examples of events that this chair executes include homecoming week, Guardians Home Opener, Basketball Tailgating etc.

Viking After Dark: This position is in charge of planning events that are to take place after 3pm on any day. This event planner also gets to plan Fenn Tower of Terror.

Viking Ventures: This position plans events that take students off of campus to enjoy different attractions around the area. Example of events include a Cleveland Coffee Tour, Tobogganing, African Safari Ride.


Please do not let the responsibilities scare you! Training is provided along with other resources to prepare you for your role.

Student Leadership Scholarship Details

CAB Executive Board members are recipients of a Student Leadership Scholarship. Those who are selected for the CAB executive board will receive a $4,000 yearly scholarship stipend ($2000 per semester) as compensation for working 150 hours per semester (roughly $12/hour).


Scholarships will be disbursed in the Fall of '23 and Spring of '24 via your CampusNet account. 


NOTE: This is a position in a student organization. No social security numbers, work visas, or related items are provided to executive chairs.

Eligibility Requirements & Position Duties

  • Must be enrolled full-time during both the Fall '23 and Spring '24 semesters 

    • 12 credit hours for undergraduate students

    • 9 credit hours for graduate students

  • Must meet the GPA requirement

    • 2.5 for undergraduate students​

    • 3.0 for graduate students

  • Must be available to work a total of 150 hours per semester

    • Roughly 10 hours per week (no hours required during finals week)​

    • 80% of office hours must be within Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

  • Must be available for training during the Spring '23 semester if selected

  • Must attend a 3-4 day retreat during the summer

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